As you begin your job search, it’s tempting to want to present yourself as the perfect candidate for any position you apply for. After all, competition is stiff, and employers are looking for the best-fit candidate to fill each role. However, lying about your qualifications, skills, or experience on your resume is a dangerous move that can quickly backfire.

Why is honesty on your resume so important? Employers will likely perform background checks or verify your qualifications through references. If they discover that you have lied, it can quickly lead to a lost opportunity and a damaged reputation, or worst; it can even lead to legal consequences.

If you present yourself with qualifications or experience you don’t possess, you will likely be found out at some point. Most likely, even getting fired once your employer discovers the truth. More than that, being honest on your resume sets you up for long-term success in your career.

So how can you present yourself honestly and accurately on your resume? Here are a few tips:
1. Only include qualifications, skills, and experience that you possess. This may mean tailoring your resume to each job application rather than submitting the same resume to multiple positions.
2. Be specific about your achievements and responsibilities. Use numbers and data to illustrate your accomplishments rather than making vague or exaggerated claims.
3. Include any relevant education, training, or certifications you have obtained. Don’t claim to have completed a program or received a certificate you haven’t earned.
4. Don’t overstate your level of expertise. If you’re not an expert in a particular area, don’t claim to be. Be honest about where you are in your career and what you’re still learning.

While it may be tempting to exaggerate your qualifications or experience, it’s important to remember that employers are looking for candidates who are the right fit for their organization. Communicating with honesty about your skills and qualifications, you’ll present yourself in the best possible light and land the right job.