The interview is a stage within the recruitment process. Here, the recruitment officer or the responsible person assigned to process your application will decide if or not to advance you to the next step on hospitality companies.

Yet everything is at your hand and performance

Your interview is one of the most critical moments when applying for a job. Usually, there are a series of interviews. Typically you’ll meet with the department head or the human resources officer and if you are successful; they’ll move your application, to the final interview with the director. The last usually are quick meetings, for final approval on your job application. If successful you’ll receive the offer letter and say bye to job hunting, as you made it on landing on a great job on hospitality companies.

Therefore be prepared for the three or four stages, it’s like a mini-marathon. Keep in mind the goal is to make it to the final interview. Always aim to give a good impression and be yourself. Be fresh and unique, yourself, in other words.

Today companies add tech and science in selecting their employees, by providing job assessments to identify the right fit, for their organization. Nothing to be afraid of, we will talk about this in a separate topic.

Like in every sector, corporate hospitality companies still use the interview before the candidate passes from the recruitment stage to become an employee. With this note, we’ll help you prepare for an interview, by providing the essential points and make you stand out.

Go Early at the meeting

Let us share a quote that it applies to the universe of meetings. And the interview is a valuable one.

“Early is on time, on time is late, late is


Be present and ready for the interview fifteen (15) minutes in advance. Avoid to be late; otherwise, you’ll be giving the impression that, you might be late for a shift; if the company choose to recruit you.
Not the right start, right? Remember you have to be fresh, so being late you might find yourself stressing out during the interview, which will not lead to the desired result.

Additionally, the interviewer would be considering that you lack discipline and not doing the required effort to get the job. Also, all business people have hectic schedules and time is crucial, think that they might as well be doing something else. Or even that you ‘ll have less time as they ll have to meet another candidate. Not to mention that they might cancel the interview and close the application in some extreme cases.
So, do you think that you can be late for the interview?

Dress for success

Dressing well doesn’t mean expensive clothing. The attire that you’ll choose for this purpose needs to meet some essential elements and be relevant to the business. Number one rule is, to present your self with spotless, stainless attire. So Clean, Clean, Clean. Number two, whatever you choose to wear. Ensure is well pressed, ironed attire, no wrinkles, please. Three; the colors combinations, we have plenty of those yet keep it simple with neutral colors.

Then all depends on the style of the establishment, that you apply and the role. Always be relevant to the type of establishment. For example, if you have an interview with the recruitment officer from a hotel. A clean, well-pressed, neutral colors suit with a white shirt will always do the job for the boys. A combination of a skirt and a shirt, with low heels, will do the job for the ladies.

If on the other, your interview is with the manager from a lifestyle restaurant, then you can be a little more creative but still within limits. In the end, you are being recruited for a specif role and not entirely for your taste in fashion.

Additionally, if you choose the proper attire would also increase your confidence during the interview. Because most likely the person you ‘ll meet with, will have a similar dressing etiquette. The above are indicative only, but with little research, you can work wonders and be one step closer in securing the job.

Answer with Confidence and Maintain Eye Contact

Any job seeker looking for a role in corporate hospitality companies, it is essential to know that confidence could be the key to a successful interview. But avoid being over-confident, because this would give an impression of being cocky, making things slightly more difficult for you.

Being confident means, without a doubt, answering the questions firmly while avoiding long pauses when providing an answer.

Always when looking at a person opposite you, straight and maintaining eye contact is one of the most persuasive messages of confidence. It means that you are listening and processing all of the questions from the interviewer. Practice this while answering your questions and the message will be clear.

Show appreciation for the opportunity

At the end of the interview and when the interview finished. Be grateful for the potential opportunity and by saying Thank you, show your appreciation. In any environment but especially in corporate hospitality companies is highly appreciated and leaves the interviewer with a great impression of you.

Overall, maintain a good impression through the whole interview, as it is crucial when applying to any corporate hospitality companies or any other hospitality staffing companies. Before, after, or during the interview. The good impression is about behavior, being polite and having positive body language. If you hadn’t considered the above, then give it a try in your next interview on hospitality companies.