Getting a job in Dubai with a reputable company is the dream of many people. One way to get in touch with those companies is through a hospitality hiring agency based in Dubai.

Nobody can deny the fact that Dubai is a well known worldwide tourist destination and has developed a great dining scene. Michelin star chefs, homegrown brands, international brands, Dubai is the host of the most versatile F&B offering worldwide. We’ll share a few tips that will help you with your application and allow you potentially to work for a company in Dubai:

Learn as much as possible for the company you wish to Apply

It is advised when you arrive for the interview to mention anything relevant about the company as this will give an excellent impression to the interviewer that you did your homework and is a way to “break the ice”.

You will be asked the reason that made you apply for this position and why you have an interest in this company in particular. Or maybe it will be part of the interview questions, simply “what do you know about the company?”

Most of this information is available on each company’s website.

A well-prepared CV matters

Still, the Curriculum Vitae (or CV) plays a significant role for the companies recruiting. It gives them a snapshot of your experience, writing skills and of course, your contact details. A CV that is written in plain and clear language, without too many pages, always will be considered. Keep your CV short and not more than 2 pages.

Start with your details and make sure you added the correct phone number and email. Double-check, otherwise recruiters won’t be able to reach you. And you’ll be wondering why companies do not call you. Write a clear summary of your profile and then update your achievements or working experience.

In this section you should present the company name, the venue’s name, the area and country of the establishment. Add your role/title and an write an overview of what you achieved in this role. Don’t write too many things, keep it short and sweet. Add the period that you were in that role. When adding more than one position always start from the most recent role and then list form the most recent to the oldest job that you had.

In some countries, a picture is not necessary; however, in Dubai, when you apply via a hospitality hiring agency in Dubai, is advised to include a recent photo of you. Make sure you smile and is current. Not from last year or two years back and please no passport pictures. If the company needs a passport picture, they’ll ask for it.

Did you know that 10% of the candidates have a mistake in their contact details on their CV?
Check your CV and make sure that your email and phone number are accurate.
If you don’t have a CV or you ’d like a fresh approach, you can use our CV builder. Simply add your information and we will create a pioneering CV that will make you stand out.

English is Important

If you are applying in guest-facing roles, then your command in English is the first thing that the company or any hospitality hiring agency will notice. If your skill in the language is not that strong, try to speak as clear as possible and slowly, so the other person can understand you and you won’t be creating a communication gap.

For the back of the house roles, is less critical, but still, you must be able to talk with your colleagues. Don’t worry, not everybody comes with perfect English, but they had a strong trait of learning, and they improved in time.

Any additional language spoke is an added value for the candidate.

Prepare for an online interview

With technology advancing and becoming more and more accessible. Nowadays, most of the recruiters or any hospitality hiring agency they might ask you to do the initial interview online. In that case, when is the time of the online interview make sure that you are dressed and groomed like in a traditional interview. Yet you’ll need to prepare a few things in advance.

For better results, place your camera against an empty wall with a clean background. Lighting is essential, so take care of the lighting conditions to look as good as possible. Ensure that there are not any disturbing noises that will interrupt your communication.

If there are any people in the house advise them, that you have an important meeting so they can be aware of the situation and keep noise levels to the minimum. Test the interview application 15 minutes beforehand and make sure that internet connection is stable, the camera and microphone are functioning properly. In case of a breakdown inform your recruiter in advance and schedule another timing.

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