Being a talented chef must be very enjoying, especially if the job is our hobby and passion. Although being a chef is categorized as a busy job, many people want to get this job.

Career-wise being a professional chef and having a job is a dream of many people, passionate about cooking. It is not uncommon that culinary school is the first choice for most people and who want to become a chef.

For those who want to be a professional chef and be considered for a job from a hospitality job agency, you should own these 4 characteristics:

Hard Working
It must be in you, to be a hard-working person, maybe the most crucial element to be owned by anyone considering this role for a career. A Chef candidate needs this personality trait. It’s the norm, so be ready cause you will be asked during the recruitment process, and it will be a big part of the job.

But there is a saying “find the job you love, and you shall not work for a day again in your life.”

Enjoy the Working Hours
Let’s be frank, working hours for the chef is close to unlimited, and always there is something to do in a professional kitchen. During the service, things can get hectic and require a certain degree of accuracy. You must be prepared to get all your vacation days during the off-peak period and consider that you’ll be working all holidays. But don’t worry, everyone is like a family in a kitchen and the establishment you‘ll be working. After all, our guests are joining to enjoy the delicacies that you’ll be making. There is a reward for this thought, the smile on the guests’ face. This appreciation, when it comes to from the guest, is always satisfactory.

Discipline is very much in need to manage and cope with all the activities, and to be on time. Therefore the mise en place is critical to be ready, in your section and wait for the peak time to be extremely busy. Especially if you are a chef in a famous restaurant and you don’t have the trait of discipline and managing your time accordingly. It is most than certain that it will be a difficult shift.

Remember in hospitality “we are as good as our last service.”
So be ready for the next service again.

When applying for a job through a hospitality recruitment agency in Dubai. Especially for a higher position, most likely you’ll be asked about managing a team, costing, your cooking techniques, and other back-office related hard skills to lead a kitchen properly. On average companies looking for total experience 10 to 15 years. So, patience is another trait that you must be equipped with, early in your career.

Working in the food and beverage division in Dubai can be promising. As there are many well-known hotels and restaurants in town. You’ll find all the cuisines of the world and many quirky concepts. Dining out is very important to the inhabitants and the tourists.

If you are interested in seeking a hospitality jobs agency in F&B there many job vacancies suitable for you.