Having a great job is started by having a great resume. It is important to make a good first impression through your resume because all your personality and experiences are written on it. Apply the tips below to catch the recruiter’s attention through your resume:

Put a short description of yourself
Unlike a CV, a resume should be written as compact as possible. It also has to be brief and in clear writing. Put only important information such as your name, recent position, contact information (for example phone, email, LinkedIn Profile), and a one-sentence summary of yourself.

Working Experience
You can put 2 (two) recent or latest job positions/experience. Explain your job role and what you have contributed to the company. For example, If you are applying for sales, it would be best to put your achievement in numbers, such as your sales goal achievement in a month or year, how many clients you have acquired monthly. If you are a fresh graduate, you can put your internship experience or your Extracurricular Activities/Leadership Experience/Volunteer Activities.

Skill and Achievement
It is important to highlight related skills for the job. That way you will be able to get through the resume screening. If you are applying for a job in the hospitality industry, you can put “Customer Service” or “Communication” as skills if you have worked as a frontline before. You can also add achievement such as “Best Employee of the Month” or if any award that you have won. If you want to, it is also possible to add your hobby, as long as it is still relatable to the position you apply.

Don’t Exaggerate and Give Too Much Information
Write your resume based on your facts, don’t exaggerate it. Remember that your recruiter might ask for your reference contact or call your office directly to talk with your boss just to crosscheck. It will be your end if you are not what you wrote on your resume.

Giving too much information is not recommended because you might have a problem on how to make your resume fit into 1 page. You can always make it into some bullet points and remember to elaborate on them when you have an interview.

Writing your resume is more or less similar to create your brand image. The more impressive your resume, the company will surely call you over for an interview.

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