Working in the field of F&B is certainly very interesting, especially for those of you who like culinary delights from various menus or various foods in the world. Although in the past, this field was not covetable, now this field is quite popular and is of interest to young people in this era. Are you looking for vacancies in the hospitality industry? Let’s first examine the pros and cons of working in this field:

Turn Passion Into a Job
It seems that no one is compelled to work in the Foodservice industry, surely everyone has the same hobby in this field. Cooking activities are fun, especially if you succeed in creating a recipe with the desired flavor.

Although cooking as a hobby is favored by women, few men are also fond of this work and can even get to the level of a professional chef.

Experience and experiment with various menu
Surely it would be very nice if you can create your own recipe, even though the process is not easy. For those who have a passion for creating new menus and like to experiment, this field is very suitable for you

Be the taster while learning to create the menu
Not only try a variety of food menu experiments, but you can also be the first taster of the menu you created. To be able to create new menus, of course, you also have to try various other menus beforehand so that you can get interesting and innovative results. This will be an asset for you to pursue a higher career in this field. For example, being a hotel executive chef.

Meet many creative people
There are many creative people in the foodservice industry, especially in terms of creative menus. You will learn a lot from various people you met, which will be very useful to create a new and perfect menu in the future.

Intensive labor
If you have decided that you want to work in F&B, you have to prepare yourself to work full time, even on weekends and public holidays. As you know, holiday is the highest season in this field. Make sure to always maintain your stamina. Especially if you want to become an executive chef hotel, you have to stay to supervise and be responsible for your subordinate’s work.

Troublesome customers
Patience is a virtue that you must have to survive in this industry, especially if you are a chef. Not only will there be trouble in the working hour but also you will meet some troublesome customers. Lucky if you never met any of them during your work. More or less there will be complaints from customers, either because of the food menu or other dissatisfied services.

There are many upsides and downsides of a job, but we hope this does not deter you from working in the foodservice industry. Find your dream job in executive hospitality recruitment agencies Lykos Talent Portal.