Lykos Talent Portal is one of the distinguished sites for job seekers, and companies who currently are dealing with hospitality employment agencies. It is an industry-specific portal for jobs in f&b and jobs in hospitality in Dubai. Below you’ll find only a few of the reasons why many people choose Lykos Talent Portal:

Easy to access
Lykos Talent Portal provides a variety of exciting features to facilitate searching. For candidates, it considers various features (for example industry, type of service, job location, role and work type) and for employers (job matching score, AI-powered ranking per role, in-depth personality traits, hard skills, availability and many more).
With these various factors, both job seekers and employers can get in touch and find their right fit according to their needs. Lykos Talent Portal is an intelligent platform, updating its database with many various roles and candidates for you to choose.

Easy to find a suitable job
If you visit the website, you can experience the mentioned features. Those features assist in finding a suitable job for your experience and personality. So both candidates and companies can make accurate decisions for their professional future. Additionally, to the many features, you’ll find the “Lykos Talent Portal Personality Assessment”. Don’t worry; it is not a boring test. It is the new way of getting matched faster and as accurately as possible with the best job/role for your personality. Take the assessment and see your results. Technology at your service for the first time.

Personality Assessment
If currently, you are unemployed, having a difficult time to find a suitable job or you change jobs often, Lykos Talent Portal is the solution. The Job
Matching Technology gives in-depth information about yourself, so you can see the areas you excel and the areas you need to develop. Applications prioritized based on the results of your personality.

Considering the qualities, corporate hospitality companies are looking when hiring for a specific role. The score is not a judgement on the candidates’ personality but rather a summary to help both identify the right fit per role. It identifies potential performance and duration with the organization. So we can put an end to the short length probations and the unease climate that a not good match can create in an organization and an employee’s life.

The right company
Some companies used to focus only at the result, without considering the human factor. However, there are companies out there that not only focus on the result but also value the employee’s capabilities for growth. Choosing the right company to work for is indeed essential, as the right company can encourage the employees to develop themselves further. Stay tuned as we ’ll be adding these forward-thinking hospitality companies soon.

Want to have more chances and be the first person hired? Make a professional profile online with Lykos Talent Portal. The future job market is shifting, altering the f&b jobs in Dubai.