The current situation makes us spend a lot more time at home. There are a lot of activities that we could do to spend our time wisely. Let’s take cooking a new recipe as an example. We all want to be a professional chef, but we are not confident because our cooking technique is still a mess. Besides having to learn a lot, we also need a lot of cooking tricks. To overcome that, these are the simple cooking tricks you need to know, even beginners can easily learn them:

Use the right amount of water so that the pasta will not stick
Who doesn’t love pasta, right? There is a rumor that pouring oil in cooking water won’t make the pasta sticks, which is done by almost everyone. But in fact, this method is not recommended. The oil won’t make the pasta sauce completely permeated. The best way is to use the right amount of water with a ratio of 100 grams of dry pasta to 1 liter of water (1.5 liters of water for freshly made pasta).

Baking soda is useful to peel off the eggshell
Peeling boiled eggs sometimes becomes a problem for most of us. But, you can use baking soda as an alternative. The trick is to add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and cold water in a bowl before putting the eggs. This method is very useful to save time, especially if you want to become a professional chef in the future where time does really matter.

Heat food in the microwave
In order for the food to get heated evenly, you can arrange the food to be heated on the outer circle of the microwave plate (leave the midpoint empty).

Do not cook fish for too long
If you love cooking fish, make sure it does not take long to cook. The fish will be cooked in just 3 – 5 minutes (the perfect internal temperature is 145°). You must know this technique if you want to apply for a job in hospitality and catering recruitment agencies.

Use a paper towel to keep the lettuce fresh
Do not put lettuce directly into the refrigerator, because it will make the lettuce wilt quickly. Wrap in a paper towel to keep it fresh as the paper towel can absorb excess moisture that makes lettuce wilt easily.

The time of boiling an egg is very important
A professional chef understands that the time of boiling an egg is very important. What type of egg do you want, a half-boiled or hard-boiled egg? Boil it for 6 minutes if you want a half-boiled egg. If you want a hard-boiled egg, boil it for around 10 minutes.

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