Here is an article with the basics that chefs have mastered and following in all well-established kitchens. Because Chefs are always looking, how to extract the best flavour out of an ingredient. So they can delight their guests with their cuisine and cooking.

You might be preparing food for your friends at home, but if you are looking to follow your dreams and become a chef. Then you have to master the below as if you find a job through an employment agency for hospitality; these become part of your everyday working life.

We have listed below the basics in cooking, from Michael Symon, one of the most recognized chefs in the USA. He started cooking along to his mother and grandmother from a young age and evolved to become a great chef. During ”Savor Borgata Food and Wine” festival, in Atlantic City’s he shared five useful tips in cooking:


Add a bit more salt!

Adding the right amount of salt in your dishes is an art, according to Symon. It brings out more flavours. Right seasoning is the reason that food is much tastier in restaurants. Salt helps to activate the taste buds and “open up” the palette. He recommends two kinds of salt, Kosher and sea salt. According to Symon, what distinguishes the good cook from the excellent chef is how they season their food.


Cooking meat? Then don’t overcook it.

Eventually, you’ll progress in your career, and find yourself in one of the most critical sections in the kitchen; the hot section. Mastering the skill of cooking the meat to perfection is a must. If currently, you are a chef and looking for a job through an employment agency for hospitality. Be reask as they ask you about your knowledge and how you cook the meat. It’s good to know that different parts require different cooking. For example, if you like to cook your meat for a long time. Then use short ribs as the meat stay tender. But ” if you are cooking a steak and you overcook it, then you killing the meat twice,” according to Symon.


Always choose seasonal ingredients.

Symon, influenced by his grandmother, said that she was cooking according to the season. Nowadays, most ingredients are available year-round, but this doesn’t mean that the products are ideal for consumption. “If you find beautiful tomatoes in the middle of the winter, it is unlike to taste like tomato. ” He suggests canned tomatoes instead or for better results. Ingredients that are in season like squash, beets, and other root vegetables.


Technique, technique, technique

Expand your knowledge, but learning techniques, this way, you ’ll be able to know more recipes and be more creative. If you master the technique of making your pasta dough. You are able to make all different kinds of pasta.


Invest in excellent product quality 

Symon has spent 30 years cooking in professional kitchens; he says that by using a low-quality stake, he can maybe prepare a decent steak. He prefers buying a prime dry-aged steak and add only salt and pepper.

The above is only the beginning, the kitchen has many more secrets, and every cuisine has its tricks.

If you are seeking employment through an employment agency for hospitality in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it is critical to know the basics.


Our input

Very important to remember in your journey is that it requires time to master those skills. A great chef said, “you need three lives to learn how to cook”. Therefore be patient and practice all the time.

Also, you’ll need to love what you are doing, overcoming any difficulties. Here we have another excellent chef, who said that.  “If you smile at your food while making it, it smiles back at you”.

Don’t forget to handle the products with care and with respect for the producers. When buying from respectable producers then, there s a continuation of mastery and love for cooking. If all the professionals apply the same commitment and delivering excellent products. We have a chance, and we can make the world a better place. In a snapshot, everything links in our food & beverage ecosystem and this is in a broad picture the concept from farm to the table. This is how we form a nation of our own, the Lykos Talent Portal.